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Who would have guessed this tennis superstar possesses some serious sewing skills? From creating doll clothes to fixing wardrobe malfunctions, Serena Williams has been sewing since she was 2 or 3. In this interview with Dujour, she talks about her interest in fashion and how she struggled with body image before blossoming into the confident lady she is today..

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Started by Emily Schuman, Cupcakes & Cashmere is a one-step destination that will sit well with the ladies. Combining loves such as fashion, beauty, interior design, and food, the site offers a personal and beautifully documented account of daily niceties, inspiring things and DIY tips and projects…

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For the month of October, we bring you some of the products that best suit the various occassions lined up- from the yearly Architecture Fest, to Halloween, to Restaurant Week, select from our carefully curated offerings to put that extra jazz in your outfit!

As we approach the year end and work and social engagements pile up, the need for more outfit varieties becomes almost pertinent. Be it whizzing off on a company retreat, going for a post-workout date, or having a meeting with the higher-up first thing in the week, here are some couple pairings we think will sit right at ease in your wardrobe, and even better with another half in tow…

The starting point of any good design, our carefully selected range of textiles speak of thoughtful consideration and utmost quality. Be it natural fabrics that are created from the fibers of animal coats, silkworms, and plants or blended ones that are a combination of qualities, what remains constant is the marriage of the right fabric to the right garment- such that style, functionality and comfort are maximized.. Here, we bring you some of the key fabrics featured in our Spring Summer 13 collection.


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Whether used a building block for any outfit or as a secondary consideration, there is no doubt that accessories have become pivotal elements in any wardrobe. Possessing the ability to send instant signals of the ascribed or speak volumes of the wearer’s attention to detail, these versatile pieces of adornment take the spotlight this month…

Be it braving frosty offices or smartening up a casual look, the jacket is everyone’s trusty companion. From the formal blazer to more casual, dressy options that allow you to transition into after-work soirees, here’s a selection of some of the finest we have to offer this season…

With ‘crowd sourcing’ the buzzword these days, 25 year-old designer from Queens, Telfar Clemens freshens things up with an all new interactive site that allows the public to submit styled outfits. “Rather than styling the models for his ‘Quilted Comfort’ collection, Clemens is crowdsourcing the job to the fans. Visitors can use the interactive app, TELFAR Style, to view the latest items and drag and drop the clothes onto a virtual model. Once the user is happy with the combination, he/she can submit the look to the public gallery where fans can click to like using Facebook.” 

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This season, it’s all about the art of contrasts at Crocodile. Military-inspired and utilitarian pieces are given a fresh new update- where a sense of lightness and dynamism is expressed alongside toughness and dexterity of form. From unexpected design details, unisex pieces to pannelled takes and unconventional pops of colour, Crocodile moves forward in crafting a fresh new outlook..

Carrying forth from its previous season, workwear staples and smart-casual pieces form the backbone of the collection. Classics are refreshed with their unconventional pairings and full suits are taken apart and matched with seperates for that sense of unexpectedness. A classic print like the houndstooth is manifested in a peplum shift dress and paired with candy-purple suspenders for a fun, playful look, while a zip-up jacket in the same print is instantaneously imbued with an almost sporty elegance.A distinctive military thread underscores the collection, and this is seen most strongly in the mens double breasted pea coat in green and navy and ladies military biker jacket sporting leather panels. The same design elements are also translated to straight-cut trousers for men and matching capri pants for ladies. Other utilitarian pieces include a white, four-pocket utilitarian shirt and pants with prominent waist tabs. Colours like moss green, black and camels are also seen throughout.The use of panels in both design and styling is also keenly explored this season. Bottoms like our jogger pants for men and women are accented with contrast strips of fabric along their inner lining, while geometric shapes are played up with our unisex, sleeveless black cropped top. Layered atop shirts, the panel of black helps to break up the silhouette, creating a compelling focal point while serving as a contrast to prints.

Our range of knitwear also complements our cut-and-sew pieces. For ladies, a girly wrap sweater replete with voluminous ruffles is great for layering over simple, streamlined pieces, while a ribbed pullover featuring criss-cross panels can be worn above shirts for a preppy look.Elsewhere, a unisex, asymmetrical sweater sporting a curved hem on one side serves as a statement piece on its own. With its two-toned design, it can be worn alone for the more adventurous or layered over snug tank tops and fitting shirts. A key piece that melds versatility and style would be our two-way sweater. At once a turtle neck and V-neck cardigan, this ingenious piece features dual layers stitched back-to-back so you are provided with two sartorial options. If you prefer subtle add-ons with maximum impact, our turtleneck snood is a fun, versatile piece that you can use to enhance any look.

A sense of optimism and jubilance reigns this season, where function and fashion coalesce in cool harmony, and unexpected contrasts from material play, styling and campaign visuals nod to brighter, exciting and more optimistic times ahead.

Shop the collection now at all Crocodile stores, and look out for our next feature- where we zoom in on specific looks and dispense tips and tricks on wearing the pieces!

Pushing forth with a refreshed identity while remaining true to its roots, Crocodile takes another bold step forward this season with its Spring Summer 13 campaign. A spirited play on movement, contrast and duality, visuals take on a lightness and buoyancy that’s reminiscent of Spring, while at the same time, signals the brand’s optimism for the future.. Here, we give you a first-hand look at the makings of our campaign and lookbook, a three-day affair that packed as much fun as hard work..

Heading the campaign this season are two young and fresh-faced Russians, Timofey and Alina, who hit to off from the onset with their easy chemistry and youthful banter. Naturally charming with his mop of luscious, ginger locks and her cascading blonde tresses, makeup and hair was kept fuss-free and relaxed. Seeking to exude the lightness and breeziness of the season, faces were given a smooth, powdery sheen while hair was kept tousled, voluminous and full of that natural wind-swept quality. Pooling together its previous team from the past season, an easy camaraderie ensued- with Joel Low behind the lenses, UNIFORM art directing and styling, and Rick Yang in-charge of make-up and hair.

With time a tricky part of the equation, the team had to keep a close tab on the length of each shot and made sure outfit changes took place swiftly. Focused on giving their best on set, Timofey worked his poses and expressions with grace, and had a natural knack for the camera- easing into various poses seamlessly. Alina also worked her magic, and charmed with her poise, quiet elegance and good-natured disposition.

Opting for a clean, backlit lighting this season, pictures take on an ethereal quality, while the outfit’s silhouette, colours and textures come to the fore. With greater mix-and-match sensibilities and layered styles taking centre stage this season, the white backdrop also formed the perfect canvas for the clothes to shine.

Highlights this season include pieces with contrast panels, unexpected material juxtapositions and bold cut-out details, with naturalistic hues like sand, grey, navy and onyx forming the backbone of the collection. Vivid pops of neon in the form of suspenders were also thrown in for that unexpected, youthful twist.

A military-inspired thread also ran across several of the pieces, adding an extra dimension to the work clothes. Elbow patches, epaulettes, and contrast panels in moss and black featured strongly in key items, while lace-up leather boots in creamy shades of grey, cream, taupe and black were used to amplify this militaristic theme. Socks in light, sorbet hues that peeked out from the shoes also added to a subtle accent of colour.

Adhering to the themes of contrast and movement, model’s poses and expressions were a contrast of connection and disconnection, where they were positioned standing apart with one in front of the other- with either one of their gazes fully fixated on the camera, while the other disengages. Movement was also created with casual swirls, turns and steps, and both models taking turns at their spot in the limelight.

The results are spontaneous, yet controlled visuals that reflected the season’s inspired mix of structural elegance and contrast design details, juxtaposed with free-flowing silhouettes.

Stay tune for our next feature in the month to come as we delve into the collection details and design inspiration for the season!

(Special thanks also to our kind friends from Ed Et Al  who loaned us their shoes for the shoots.)